Group Charters

Moves Media offers transportation services for all vehicles on the road, ranging from 56 passenger luxury highway coaches to 48 passenger school buses. We provide customized transportation options that are completely customizable to your requirements. We have diverse experience on single bus charters to complex events that require over 70 vehicles per day running from multiple locations. Please view our vehicle transportation options and email us for to quote on your trip requests.

Vehicle Options

Vehicle Vehicle Type Capacity  Features
bus rental vancouver Luxury Highway Coach  48 – 56 Pax  Bathroom equipped with AC – Moves & DVD capabilities  Request Quote
Charter bus vancouver Mini Coach  24 – 32 Pax  AC Optional – no bathroom  Request Quote
vintage car vancouver Vintage Car  4 Pax  1929 Ford Phaeton  Request Quote
Vancouver School Bus Charter School Bus  48 – 56 Pax AC Optional – no bathroom  Request Quote


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