Justin Trudeau Interview

Justin Trudeau Interview

Well the campaign trails are heating up in Canadian Federal Elections and our team got a unique opportunity to capture a Vanity Buzz interview of Justin Trudeau. Liberal Party Leader, Justing Trudeau, took the Facebook Challenge to answer as many questions as he could in 60 seconds. A few notable answers from the video included:

Last movie you have seen: “Frozen”

1 thing you can’t live without: “My iPad”

Yoga or Spin: “I box”

Favourite place to eat: “Home”

Favourite place to vacation: “Vancouver or Whistler”

Animal I’m most afraid of: “Big scary bugs!”

You can also watch the full 20 minute interview here: https://www.facebook.com/VCBuzz/videos/vb.148192078555388/933099906731264/?type=2&theater